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30emotions's Journal

Trapped in a Glass Case of Emotion
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Welcome to 30emotions! This is a themed fanfiction community. There are thirty emotions, themes to base your fics around, so you claim a pairing or an individual and then write a fic for each of the different themes.

And many thanks to faith_nyaa for the fabulous header (featuring D=OUT)!


Want to Affiliate? Private message/email me (coiled_iris, the mod), or comment on any mod post!

1. You can claim any pairing/person as long as it hasn’t already been claimed. Claims list is here. Note that "person" is not limited to a solo artist. If you want to do a character study, you are more than welcome to do that. So one person could claim Ruki x Aoi [Gazette], and another could claim Aoi [Gazette]. If you choose to do one person, then obviously you are unlimited in your pairings, HOWEVER, you must keep your stories Aoi-centric (or whoever you claim).

2. If you claim a pairing, then you also have the reverse of the pairing--i.e., if you ask for Kaoru x Kyo, someone else cannot claim Kyo x Kaoru (so you don't need to feel restricted--you can write both Kaoru x Kyo and Kyo x Kaoru).

3. There is a six month time limit only to keep your claim active. If you don't post in that time you'll lose your claim. If you claim is inactive for more than six months after you start posting and someone wants your claim, you will lose that claim. Extensions will be granted to those who request them. As long as you are posting at least once every six months, you have an unlimited amount of time to finish.

4. All East Asian music fandoms are welcome, although I expect that this will be primarily Jrock on this community. But Jpop and Korean claims will be welcome if you care to make them.

5. You make make no more than 2 claims, but if you choose multiple claimse, they must be from separate bands.

1. You must write a fic for each of the different themes.

2. Themes can be written in whatever order you choose.

3. You can’t use stories you have already written

4. AU fics are allowed. RPs are not allowed. Co-authored fics are allowed--if you want to do all 30 with 2 authors, or just a few, that's fine, but no more than 2 authors.

5. There is no min/max length requirements for the fics. Drabbles are welcome.

6. You can choose to have each fic stand alone or turn all or some of them into multichapter fics.

7. If you wish to combine themes, that is fine--all emotions are not mutually exclusive. However, one fic may count for no more than 2 themes.

8. Please only post no more than 2 fics in one post.

9. When posting the fics, please use the form below, especially the warnings area.

Subject: [Theme] Title, Pairing, x/xx (if it is a multiparter)

10. When you've completed 30 emotions, let me know in the Finished/Dropped Claims post..

1. Amusement
2. Anxiety
3. Apathy
4. Bewilderment
5. Calmness
6. Compassion
7. Confidence
8. Contempt
9. Disappointment
10. Distress
11. Envy
12. Excitement
13. Fear
14. Gratitude
15. Grief
16. Hatred
17. Indignation
18. Longing
19. Love
20. Lust
21. Malice
22. Pity
23. Rage
24. Rapture
25. Regret
26. Restlessness
27. Solemnity
28. Shame
29. Surprise
30. Wrath

Alternate themes (to swap/substitute, or if you want, to do extra):